animals,wildlife, MOO HEFNER is new name

by Barbara Haviland in Animals and Wildlife

If you can think of a good name for Moo Cow please let me know. I had one figured out but forgot it.

It is not good to get older… LOL ..   Now if you are the winner by naming the cow,You can have the painting.

Moo Hefner was submitted by Jackie Foreman  Congrats  you win the painting


Love the name. Thanks
Neva Noble
Cinda, Love the name. It might be the winner..
Cinda Aery
Barbara, my son-in-law has cows and his sweet little grandbabies love to help him feed the "Moo Cows". On their Own they started calling him PA PA MOO. I think a great name for that beauty could be "MOONPIE" I can tell you are loving the country life. Cinda

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