Oil Painting classes

I teach so that everyone learns at their own rate of speed. At each session I give demos and you paint what you want either from a photo or whatever your reference( your drawing or something you) is. You do not compete with your neighbor but with yourself. Each class goes approximately 3 hours.

Barbara Haviland Studio
1579 County Road 1010
Woodville, Texas, Texas 75979

I am also available to travel for 3-day workshops. Please contact me for more info.

1 class——– $20.00   Supplies With Class is  $40.00

NOTE: Current students are grandfathered in with no price change.

Dates & Times
Tuesdays, 9 am – noon        Tuesday,  12 pm – 3 pm    Tuesdays, 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Wednesdays, 1:00pm- 4:00pm
Thursdays,  4:00pm — 7:00pm

Flats and filberts (your choice) or #2,4,6,8 and 1/2 soft blending brush
1 script liner
And whatever other brushes you are comfortable using

Flat palette knife for mixing

Glass palette to mix paints on
NO paper plates  Should be at least 9″x 12″

Scraper to clean palette (Box Cutter)

Paper towels
Viva or blue shop towels

ODORLESS Gamsol mineral spirits
(to clean your brushes)

Surfaces to paint on
11″x 14″ or 12″x 16″ stretched canvas or canvas panel (3)

Oil paints  I prefer  Rembrandt, or professional grade(DickBlick.com Online)
Professional-quality, or the best you can afford, in the following colors:

White  **
Cadmium yellow medium **
Indian Yellow or Cadmium Yellow Light
Yellow Ochre **
Cadmium red light **
Alizarin Crimson
Ultramarine blue **
Dioxazine purple
Rembrandt Viridian **

The Paints I have  ** is a must to have.  We will mix  whatever else we need.

Windsor Newton has a paint set that is affordable and has all the colors needed.

Lastly, be sure to bring a positive attitude and an open mind. We’ll have some fun and you will learn to paint!!

I can’t wait to meet you!