My name is Barbara Haviland. I have been creating fine art since 1976. I am mostly a self-taught, raw artist who draws inspiration from the world around me.

My world is my art, and each day is a new canvas of things to paint. I especially love to paint flowers and landscapes. My flower paintings have been highly collected over the past twenty-three years as well as my Bayou paintings that capture the beauty of south Louisiana and Texas.

Each setting and scene we witness tells a story of the place around us and moves us through each instant in time. I strive to capture these moments and this motion through time with bold, vibrant colors, elegant details, and a diverse selection of subjects. Like the beautiful landscapes, flowers, still-life, and many other subjects they depict, each painting is a unique and original work highlighting all the colors of life.

For over 46 years painting has been my expression and my escape, as well as my passion. I am pleased to share my artwork with patrons from coast to coast and teach new students to explore their own creative talents and imagination. I have artwork in New Zealand,Australia, and Uk.  My work has been featured in galleries across Texas and brings life, color and thrilling beauty to homes and businesses across the U.S.

I am a proud member of the Artists of Texas, Outdoor Painters Society, and several other groups where many of my works are shown.


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Additionally, my art has been featured twice by Voyager Magazine Group (read the full article here).

I am married to Sam, my husband of 59 years. We have 3 grown children and 5 grandchildren. We were fortunate enough to travel the country. I paint wherever we are. I do not think I could survive without painting or my family. I need it. I simply paint what I see. Lately, my art has been taking on a fresh look of looseness, and I like it. Plein air is my new thing. It feels great to create! Painting is very relaxing and gratifying. The world around us is so beautiful. I try to capture its raw beauty on my canvas. I also love painting flowers as well as animals. I paint everything. If you have a photo, I can paint it.

I am so thankful to be able to paint and create art. I hope you will enjoy the ‘stories’ I share with my brushes and my palette knife at hand. I will paint anything that catches my eye. That is why I am never bored with painting. Follow along and see what my brushes produce!  Barbara